Latest research papers in accounting

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Research Papers on Accounting

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If the same receiving author will likely more than one argument, the fee for each additional associate is HKD approx. About the American Accounting Association.

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The American Accounting Association is the premier community of accountants in academia. Founded inwe have a rich and reputable history built on leading-edge research and publications.

Mar 12,  · Accounting research is an actively developing area of study, and there are many interesting accounting research topics. You can choose various questions for your essays, research papers or dissertations.

The accounting profession will face significant changes in the next three decades, and professional organizations, their members, and educational institutions should respond. The three changes—evolving smart and digital technology, continued globalization of reporting/disclosure standards, and new forms of regulation—are also major challenges for the profession.

Araceli Mora and Martin Walker: The Implications of Research on Accounting Conservatism for Accounting Standard-Setting. 02 Oct This paper was presented at the IASB Research Forum held on 2 October It seeks to develop closer links between the academic thinking on conservatism, and the concerns of standard setters.

Facilities. The Department of Accounting is located within the University's Business School, which has its own dedicated computing facilities as well as access to. Search Wharton.

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Latest research papers in accounting
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List Of Ideas For Accounting Research Paper Topics